'Son of a submariner!'


Agrias' Home Under the Stars: This site is no longer being updated, but it is somehow still live. It has a very 90s style with lots of busy visuals. In addition to Final Fantasy Tactics content, it also has site sections for Final Fantasy IV (II), VI (III), and VII.

Amongst the Ruins:A Terra webshrine with a very pretty layout and a great number of personal essays and musings.

Banner for Aria
Arias: A (still live!) webshrine for Celes Chere; formerly Pure Snow Pure Heart.

Banner for Ask Owl
ASK OWL:『Japanese』: A ton of wispy, Amanoesque Final Fantasy VI art with a few Final Fantasy VII pieces.



Chivalry:A Locke webshrine, mostly comprising of game information and essays.

Banner for Concealed
Concealed Heart A Celes webshrine with screenshots, gifs, an opera script, and fanart, amongst other goodies

The Cry of the Planet: Graphics, art, information and theories about Final Fantasy IV - XI. A GeoCities video game site exemplary of its era.


Banner for da-Vesita
da-Vesita『Japanese』: A (live!) art site with a variety of art pieces featuring Locke Cole.

Banner for Dream's Realm
Dream's Realm『Japanese』: An archived Shadow fansite with several pictures of him unmasked and looking cute with heterochromia.


Banner for Eggnog
Eggnog 『Japanese』: A Final Fantasy VI art site with a lot of cute pieces

Banner for Eternal Wind
Eternal Wind『Japanese』: A site with a fair amount of FInal Fantasy VI and some Final Fantasy VII art available.



Banner for Green Grass
Green Grass: 『Japanese』: An art site with a fair number of Terra illustrations.

Banner for Guardians
Guardians: A webshrine to to summons throughout the series. Contains information about summons' mythological origins, screenshots, and wallpapers.



Banner fpr Icy Brian's RPG Site
Icy Brian's RPG Page: A massive archive of fanworks for a variety of RPGs.

Banner for Innocence
Innocence: A Terra Branford web shrine. Contains character info, musings, and images. (The incredibly cool looking WinAmp skin sadly had a broken download link.)


Banner for Jon.Na.Jona
Jon.Na.Jona Japanese: Contains a variety of cute/cozy FF6 illustrations.



Banner for Lawless Area
Lawless Area 『Japanese』: Contains artwork for both Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy Tactics.


Banner for Marumusikoya
Marumusikoya Japanese: Absolutely gorgeous Final Fantasy VI artwork. Mostly featuring female characters.

Mystical Courage: A very plain, text-based Terra webshrine with a lot of the webmaster's personal musings, essays, and thoughts.


Banner for Nightmare
Nightmare: The library page of littlemaiko's website containing dark erotic fanfiction for Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, and Tactics, as well as content for other JRPGs of the era. An early pioneer of Dead Dove: Do Not Eat content.

Banner for Noire Sensus
Noire Sensus: A site dedicated to yaoi/slash fanfiction; contains works for Final Fantaasy VI, VII, VII, IX, X and Tactics.



Banner for Pure as Snow
Pure as Snow: A Celes Chere webshrine containing fic, game information, and essays, in additions to some official/sprite art (most of the fanart links are broken).



Banner for Ramza-chan's Page of Final Fantasy Fun
Ramza-chan's Page of Final Fantasy Fun: A pristine and complete website from the year of our lord 2002, archived in its entirety on Oocities. A bountiful mess of art, fic, links, and other content for Final Fantasy IV through IX, as well as Tactics.

Banner for Rennaisance
Renaissance: A (still live!) Locke Cole webshrine.

Banner for Rocket Town: The Shinra 26; bears the caption 'Cause Cid Highwind could kick your webpage's ass.'
Rocket Town: The Shinra 26: A Cid Highwind-themed website. It contains graphic edits, game information, and a large archive of fanfiction for Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII and IX.


Banner for Seafood Soup
Seafood Soup: An Ultros webshrine. The image for the site's menu is missing, but it is still navigable. The webmaster also has another portion of the site for telling you how much Vincent Valentine sucks

Banner for Somewhere Only We Know
Somewhere Only We Know: A (still live!) webshrine for Sabin Rene Figaro.

Banner for Stalwart
Stalwart: A (still live!) webshrine for Cyan Garamonde.


Banner for Tiger Break
Tiger Break: A Sabin webshrine; mostly essays, musings, game information, and analysis.

Banner for Toss of Fate
Toss of Fate: A Figaro brothers webshrine. A lot of broken art links but still has some neat information and the webmaster's musings.


Banner for Undercover Blond
Undercover Blond: A (still live!) webshrine for Edgar Roni Figaro.



Banner for White Bird
White Bird: A Celes webshrine; made by a webmaster who explains how they initially disliked the character but came around to liking her.





Banner for 45cm
45 cm 『Japanese』: A live site with a fair amount of Locke/Celes art, some of it NSFW.

Banner for بى, بدون.
بى, بدون : A live site with great FF6 artwork; contains a lot of interesting takes on characters and super rare ships (King Figaro/Bannon being my favorite).

Banner for エフの字
エフの字 『Japanese』: A fanart gallery with a lot of still archived pictures of Terra; also has art for Final Fantasy V, X, and IX.