Angel Feathers: A webshrine for Rinoa Heartilly. While most of the media links are now broken, it still contains a number of musings and essays.


Banner for BishonenInk
Bishonen Ink: A site with an extensive amount of yaoi/yuri fanworks for canons including Final Fantasy VII through X, Vagrant Story, and Xenogears, among others. Contains webshrines for Reeve Tuesti, Seifer Almasy, Jessie and Billy Lee Black, Zell Dincht and Grissom

Bishonen Squall: A fansite for various FF8 boys (with a whole section dedicated to Raijin). Contains art and doujinshi scans.


The Cry of the Planet: Graphics, art, information and theories about Final Fantasy IV - XI. A GeoCities video game site exemplary of its era.


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Dead Triangle: The art site of QueenVera; contains works for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Xenogears.

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Desert Prison: A website featuring a variety of art, screencaps, and other content for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX. Contains ocassional spicy images. Poke around until you find BDSM Sephiroth.



Banner for Final Fantasy Island
Final Fantasy Island: A website with information about Final Fantasy VII and VIII. It also has links to places where you might have been able to pirate mp3s many years ago.

Banner for Final Fantasy Yaoi Archive
Final Fantasy Yaoi Archive: A large archive of yaoi fanfiction from various Final Fantasy games, mainly VII, VIII, and IX


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Guardians: A webshrine to to summons throughout the series. Contains information about summons' mythological origins, screenshots, and wallpapers.



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Icy Brian's RPG Page: A massive archive of fanworks for a variety of RPGs.

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Intrinsic Desires: A website by Silver Rayne featuring yaoi fanfiction and doujinshi scans for a number of canons, including Final Fantasy VII. The archived version is difficult to navigate, but the FFVII fanfiction portion of the page may be found here.






Ne Me Mori Facias: A still live (!) archive of video game fanworks by prositen and vincybel. Contains fanworks for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, and X-2, as well as Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Kingdom Hearts, Labyrinth, Sailor Moon, and Suikoden.

Banner for Nightmare
Nightmare: The library page of littlemaiko's website containing dark erotic fanfiction for Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, and Tactics, as well as content for other JRPGs of the era. An early pioneer of Dead Dove: Do Not Eat content.

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Noire Sensus: A site dedicated to yaoi/slash fanfiction; contains works for Final Fantaasy VI, VII, VII, IX, X and Tactics.





Banner for Ramza-chan's Page of Final Fantasy Fun
Ramza-chan's Page of Final Fantasy Fun: A pristine and complete website from the year of our lord 2002, archived in its entirety on Oocities. A bountiful mess of art, fic, links, and other content for Final Fantasy IV through IX, as well as Tactics.

Banner for Roaring Fire
Roaring Fire: A Squall Leonheart webshrine. Contains musings, screenshots, and some desktop wallpaper.

Banner for Rocket Town: The Shinra 26; captioned 'Cause Cid Highwind could kick your webpage's ass.'
Rocket Town: The Shinra 26: A Cid Highwind-themed website. It contains graphic edits, game information, and a large archive of fanfiction for Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII and IX.


Banner for Stellar Raven
Stellar Raven: A site brimming with Final Fantasy VII yaoi (also contains some Final Fantasy VIII and Gundam Wing content).




Vincent: Lonely Nightmares: A site that once hosted yaoi doujinshi scans for both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.